“Shifting our risk management concerns to the professionals at Bankers Service has reduced our costs, ensured compliance, and allowed staff to focus on customer service instead of rules and regulations.”

Mike Simpson

Our Mission


Bankers Service Corporation is a professional services company organized for the purpose of providing various services for community banks. The concept of this company is to provide those services that cannot be efficiently achieved internally by an individual bank.

It is our primary mission to provide services to banks in the highest quality possible.

In performing the reviews, a standard of independence must be maintained while also being able to provide solutions to problems encountered rather than just bringing those problems to the attention of the Board and management.

It is our mission to provide a ready source of information and assist bank management and employees in any way possible.


As a professional service organization, we commit to our clients to produce a quality product in a timely manner. We employ a qualified staff with various backgrounds and numerous years of experience in the banking industry to enable us to serve all our client financial institutions in a professional, competent, and efficient manner.

We focus on customer satisfaction and request feedback on services performed. We encourage not only feedback from Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors, but also the bank personnel with whom we communicate in the performance of our reviews.

Unparalleled customer service is our bottom line. images and content © 2019 BSC
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