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Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money-Laundering Audits

According to BSA regulations, an independent party must perform an independent test of a bank’s Bank Secrecy Act compliance program at least annually.

Procedures performed in an independent BSA Review primarily consist of the following:

  • Review and determine the adequacy of the Board approved BSA/Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Customer Information Program;
  • Sample transactions to determine the integrity and accuracy of the systems for reporting large currency transactions;
  • Review the accuracy of tellers work and the completion of Forms 104;
  • Determine the integrity and accuracy of the institution’s recordkeeping activities;
  • Sample new accounts (DDA, Savings, CD’s, Loans, Trust) for CIP requirements;
  • Sample wire transfers to determine the accuracy of forms and collection of required information;
  • Review the accuracy and reasonableness of exempted customers;
  • Determine the appropriateness of monitoring procedures for suspicious activity;
  • Sample ‘high risk’ customers to determine possible suspicious activity;
  • Review the appropriateness of recordkeeping procedures for the sales of monetary instruments in cash between $3,000 and $10,000;
  • Determine if procedures are in place to provide for compliance with OFAC requirements and 314(a) requirements;
  • Review the adequacy of the institution’s ongoing training program;
  • Review the Bank’s internal risk assessment of compliance with BSA requirements and analysis of high risk customers.

Each review’s procedures and findings are submitted to the Board of Directors in a written report.

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